Happy Holidays & Happy New Year, Treachery!

I hope you guys are enjoying this holiday season. Things have been a little weird since Thanksgiving with raid attendance, understandably so.

We have some guild members who work retail and this is their busiest time of year. We have other guild members who have families or who are part of large families and this is a time to celebrate the season with them.

Things should start becoming more normal after the New Year.

As we now have a release date for Nighthold (January 17, 2017), I want to touch on a few subjects:

Raid Attendance

Everyone in this guild knew from the start that this was the place to be for a casual but progressive raiding experience. There is no change in that mindset. I want everyone to be able to enjoy life. After all, World of Warcraft is just a video game.

That being said, we do need people to show up or give as much prior notice as possible if they cannot. Our raids will not be successful unless we have communication. This not only includes communication during raid encounters, but between them in the weeks/days/hours before we zone into Nighthold. If something comes up and you’re not able to attend, it’s okay, just please let us know as soon as possible.

Right now our guild is in a unique position. We are still pushing toward having 20 players to do Mythic difficulty raids. We’re getting there, but not quite there yet. We are also in a position where Heroic encounters are not awarding as many upgrades as they were previously and content feels more “stale”. We don’t have much longer to wait for Nighthold. In the mean time, to keep opportunities for upgrades available and to help the members of our guild that are still gearing so they become viable raiders in Nighthold, we do need people to raid as much as possible in the next few weeks between now and January 17th.

I don’t mind a few alts coming into our raids right now assuming they can pull their weight. We just need the bodies.

If you’re one of the folks who comes to the raids nearly every week, THANK YOU.

If you are one of the folks who has had commitments with family, work, etc. and has kept constant communication with us about your circumstance, THANK YOU.

If you’re one of the folks who misses raid semi-regularly and doesn’t give us any prior notice, we expect more from you. We’re not asking for 100% raid attendance, we’re just asking for you to communicate.

Starting sooner on raid nights

Right now, our start time is very relaxed. We usually start 30-60 minutes later than our scheduled raid time, and this is fine because we’re able to smash the content and still clear raids within our scheduled time. There is no impact made by our late starts.

After Nighthold is released, this will be a different story. We will need to start as close to on time as possible so we can make the most out of our two evening raid weeks. I know people get stuck at work. I know things come up that cause people to be late. I have had it happen on several occasions. We just need an effort made to on as early as possible, and if not, the communication soapbox from above applies to this as well.

What the officer core will be doing to help

  • We have been very relaxed with guild calendar invites. We have skipped them on several occasions. We will be pushing to make sure we have an event scheduled on the calendar weekly. In addition to us creating the events more reliably, we hope we see our guild members accept/deny the events more reliably as well.
  • In addition to this, we want to open multiple communication channels with our guild members and make sure everyone knows they can contact us at any time.
  1. Discord : We have the Discord application installed on our smartphones. We are available in the #general channel as well as direct message.
  2. Email : Nik – nik@treacheryguild.com | Elrath – elrath@treacheryguild.com
  3. A member section of our website will be introduced soon with a form to contact us quickly from any device.
  • As mentioned before, as we’re ending our time in Heroic Emerald Nightmare, we are more alt friendly than before. If your alt can pull their weight and contribute to the success of the raid, please bring them if you’d rather bring them than your main.