October 14, 2016


New Ranks

Treachery is growing and changing for the better. We’ve expanded our numbers by a ton, we’ve met new friends, and we’ve had a blast clearing normal Emerald Nightmare and getting to 4/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare.

Due to the guild’s expanding size, and distribution of responsibilities, we are making a few changes.

New Ranks:

GM — Guild Master

Co-GM — Assistant Guild Master

Officer: Veteran — An officer rank added to our guild members that we’ve played with for years and years. This is an important rank because these are the members that have been with us through the thick and thin, and have helped shape us as a guild and as players. Without these folks, there would be no Treachery. We feel that it is only fair that they get a say in the operation of the guild.

Officer: Contributor — An officer rank added to our guild members who contribute to the guild quite often. This does not mean there is not contribution from other members, just these individuals have went above and beyond and deserve recognition. In addition to recognition, having this rank allows them the ability to make adjustments to the guild bank as needed to provide items to our guild members. Creating consumables, contributing to strategy discuss during raid, running log files, etc. are examples of responsibilities of this rank.

Raider — A rank assigned to our awesome raid core. Our raiders are the bread and butter of the guild.

Member/Alt — A rank assigned to non-raiding members, inactive members and alts of the guild.



Officer: Contributor



Officer: Veteran



Others are being considered for this role.

 * Other existing officers have been shuffled to fit into these two roles. All role permissions are not final. They will be adjusted in the upcoming days.